What Can a New Client Expect?


If you are like many people, you never thought you would be looking for a therapist. However, if you are, you are among those who realize that life is not problem-free. It is often well laced with problem solving. 


So, is Dr. Anne the right right person for you or your family?


Anne replies, "It is my goal to listen to what you are concerned about and help you find solutions you can live with. We do not seek perfection, we seek happiness. It 's not always easy, but I will help you take the necessary steps. 


"Generally, my clients are concerned about their children, their marriage, their job or another relationship. Health problems, anxiety and depression or alcoholism/substance abuse are often the result of unsolved problems. People usually come in with some degree of pain or discomfort as a result. But that pain soon begins to subside as one sees that something CAN be done about it. 


Sessions are 45 minutes long and are usually scheduled every other week. I am available to clients for emergency consultation nearly any time."

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